Increased Issue Limit on the Business Loan Repayment Rider As of September 29, 2023, for DInamic Foundation Business Overhead Expense policies, the maximum aggregate issue limit on the Business Loan Repayment Rider has increased to $2,000,000 (total potential payout of all loan riders) and the maximum monthly issue limit has increased to $20,000 between all … Read More

The Standard

Lower Rates, Larger Discounts Effective Oct. 5, 2023, Standard adjusted their rates and increased discounts for their fully underwritten Platinum Advantage. They reduced Platinum Advantage rates for many occupations. You will see more competitive rates for men ages 41 and up for non-medical classes (5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, B and A). Plus they are introducing … Read More

Principal News

Introducing Principal Income Protector Now available for illustrating and submitting new business. The Principal Income Protector has some features going away, as well as new policy features and enhancements. This product is available in all states expept for CA, FL, MT, NY, ND, SC, SD and WY. Features going away: Social insurance substitute (SIS) benefit … Read More

Ameritas News

Introducing DInamic Cornerstone Income Protection Now available for illustrating and submitting new business! With the new Cornerstone product, Ameritas has added some exciting features! Here is what you need to know: Three new riders: Benefit Increase Rider, Enhanced Plus Residual Rider, and a Lumpsum Savings Rider Mental Nervous Disorders and Substance Abuse: now there is … Read More


The New Short Term Disability Assurity has a new Short Term Disability product on the market which is available as Accident and Sickness or Accident Only. >Target Market: non-traditional workers making money from multiple occupations, relatively healthy, and little or no employer-sponsored coverage. >Issue ages: 18-60 years old >Weekly benefit payments: $50 to $600 weekly … Read More

New Carrier Opportunities

IRA Brokerage is excited to announce our partnerships with two reputable insurance carriers, MassMutual Strategic Solutions and Ohio National. Both carriers recently expanded their business to Brokerage to allow more opportunities for insurance producers to write their products. It goes without saying that Mass Mutual’s footprint in the insurance space is substantial. These industry leaders … Read More

Product & Service Notice – Ameritas (as of 2-4-22)

As of 2-4-22, Underwriting changes were made to EZ App requirements, occupational classes, and participation limits for DInamic Foundation individual disability income policies. The changes are as follows: EZ App – the age and maximum benefit amount requirements have increase as noted in bold italicized text below. Issue and participation limits changes shown in bold … Read More

Illinois Mutual: Underwriting changes to the IDI (as of 6-7-21)

Illinois Mutual’s underwriting financial documentation guidelines and non-medical limits for disability income insurance applications are listed below. Non-medical limits* – total monthly amount of insurance applied for and in force with Illinois Mutual Age 18-50 51-60 Non-Med $200 – $5000 $200 – $3,000 Abbrv Paramed, Blood Profile, Urinalysis $5,001+ $3,001+ Financial Documentation Guidelines Benefit Amounts … Read More