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We’ve Got You Covered

I have been working with IRA Brokerage for many, many years.  The staff is professional, courteous and hard working.  Matt Dymond and Matt Jackson do a terrific job with life, disability and long term care illustrations.  Depending on the client’s state of affairs, medical history and financial situation, they put together the correct companies to apply, which saves my company and I time.   Patti Maisonville is terrific with underwriting and she is relentless getting APS forms from doctors and hospitals.  She is respected by all the underwriters which helps me with my clients..  The office manager, Charlotte Fasick, ensures the office runs smoothly and is quick to wear different hats when necessary.  She is always ready to help me with quoting, underwriting and unique ideas for my clients.  She also has great respect from the insurance carriers.  Pat Jackson, owner of IRA Brokerage, has built a special and professional team.  I have worked with Pat for the last 25 years and will continue to do so.  If you haven’t given this “team” a chance, you should.  I will never leave them.


I have worked with IRA for over 10 years and they never fail to do a superb job.  Through the years we have experienced the unusual and difficult and the team at IRA has been nothing but amazing and professional.  Not only do they handle the “problem children” with grace and a professionalism that goes above expectations, the everyday service is phenomenal.  I look to IRA for advice on cases and I use them for a soundboard when I have a case that is not in the norm.  I value the partnership that we have with IRA and truly would not know what I would do without them.


I appreciate the turnaround time on quote requests.  Even when many term and coverage amounts are asked for on multiple clients, we can always count on getting the quotes in two business days and more often than not within one day.  It makes my job as an agent easier and makes our agency look good that we work with a broker who provides information and responses in such a timely manner.


IRA Brokerage is a great company to work with.  They are professional, friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend using them.