The New Short Term Disability

Assurity has a new Short Term Disability product on the market which is available as Accident and Sickness or Accident Only.

>Target Market: non-traditional workers making money from multiple occupations, relatively healthy, and little or no employer-sponsored coverage.

>Issue ages: 18-60 years old

>Weekly benefit payments: $50 to $600 weekly for self-employed or commissioned salesperson OR $50 to $1,000 weekly for W2 employees

>No medical exams, no income verification and instant decision underwriting.

>Guaranteed renewable to age 65.

>Perks: Childbirth benefit (build into the policy and only on the Accident and Sickness), Stay at Home Spouse DI Rider, Family Care Rider, Return of Premium Rider

Contact our Marketers for more information. 248-553-9505. Matt Jackson, Option 1; Matt Dymond, Option 2; Romeo Young, Option 7.