Standard: Underwriting changes to IDI product

The following changes went into effect April 2, 2021: New-in-practice limits for ALL physician occupations will be $7500. Before, some physicians were limited to $6,500 Neurologists upgraded to 5P. Standard upgraded neurologists, vascular neurologists and other neurology specialties’ occupation classes from 4P to 5P for Platinum Advantage and from 4A to 5A for Business Equity … Read More

Ameritas – Underwriting changes for General Dentist

Effective March 22, 2021, the following changes were made to the DInamic Foundation individual disability income policies: Maximum issue limit (base + future increase option) on IDI coverage will be $10,000. Thre is no change to the participation limits. Discounts are no longer available on newly written individual disability income or business overhead expense policies. … Read More