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Introducing Principal Income Protector

Now available for illustrating and submitting new business. The Principal Income Protector has some features going away, as well as new policy features and enhancements. This product is available in all states expept for CA, FL, MT, NY, ND, SC, SD and WY.

Features going away:

  • Social insurance substitute (SIS) benefit
  • Adaptable Income Benefits (AIBs)
  • Transitional Occupation rider
  • Extended total DI benefit rider
  • Core Value Income Protection

New Policy Features:

  • Your occupation period to match the benefit period on all policies
  • Ability to create a basic low-cost plan
  • Modal fees are eliminate – no more surcharges for paying on a non-annual basis


  • New riders replacing Benefit (BU) – NOW CALLED Maximize My Benefit (MYB) and Future Benefit Increase (FBI) – NOW CALLED Annual Increase Rider (AI)
  • Select occupation discount replaced by having additional “+” occupation classes. Separate pricing structures for non-medical, medical and dental occupations
  • 2 definitions of disability
  • Residual definition: OR verbiage added during the elimination period (Loss of duties OR time OR earnings)

Transition Guidelines:

Principal will continue to accept applications for the HH750 product with effective dates up to June 1, 2023. All cases after June 1, 2023, must use Income Protector. No re-issues of in force HH750 policies to Income Protector will be allowed.

For more information about Income Protector, illustrations and applications, please contact our Marketers at Tel. 248-553-9505.

Matt Jackson – Option 1

Matt Dymond – Option 2

Romeo Young – Option 7