iPipeline Term Engine

Enhancements to the Quote Search Page

For the Underwriting Process Filter, the word “Eligibility is added to clarify that a producer will be searching for term product quotes for which the current client is eligible for certain carrier underwriting processes. The Instant Decision is is added to clarify that products with this tag are eligible for underwriting to make a decision about whether to approve or deny the applicant for this scenario right away, often right within the application process before the application is finalized.

To set up your default settings for Underwriting Process Eligibility (find at the bottom of term engine) go to your user profile settings found at the top right hand corner of the term engine.

On the Quote Results page, the Underwriting Process Eligibility tags will show if the particular scenario fits, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the case will receive an instant decision or accelerated underwriting, since there are many other factors taken into account when the underwriting is employed.

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