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We are currently working on a catalog of instructional videos with 24/7 access at your fingertips.

Insurance Resources

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The AML training through LIMRA is the insurance industry’s preferred training program.

If the insurance carrier(s) you are appointed with has enrolled you in AML training, please continue to to access AML training.

Michigan DI Day

IRA Brokerage is the official sponsor of Michigan DI DayTM since 2004.  At IRA Brokerage we are focused on helping you maximize your sales potential.

Every year we showcase a variety of disability insurance topics, offer product development, share real life experiences, provide expert industry speakers and tips for personalizing client conversations.

We hope you join us for our next big event.

Plus Group

IRA Brokerage is a founding partner of The Plus Group®.

The Plus Group® is America’s premier Disability marketing organization.  Built on a foundation of excellent service with a local touch, The Plus Group® was formed in 1998 as an organization dedicated to providing education, training, and disability insurance product to select insurance professionals.  Each of its 22 members is a recognized expert and has stood out as top sales representatives and managers in the disability insurance industry.