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Thank you to all the attendees of our annual Michigan DI Day™!  

We are already planning next year's event.  We hope to see you next year!



Rate Changes Include Increases and decreases in certain cells.

"As of February 19th, AIG Select-a-Term gets even more competitive!  This reprice focuses on improving rates for longer term durations and death benefit amounts $250K+ for certain issue ages and risk classes.  The rate changes will include increases and decreases in certain cells.


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The launch of eDelivery is just around the corner.  This change will be active Monday, February 25, 2019. Principal's term life eDelivery adds convenience, greater efficiency and faster coverage.  Note, ALL Principal Term life policies will be delivery via email.  You can then get eSignatures or you can print the policy to get the wet signatures.


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Effective February 11, 2019, Lincoln is pleased to announce pricing improvements to Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term and to Lincoln TermAccel® Level Term, which will improve competitive positioning in key cells.  

* New applications received and applications currently in underwriting will automatically receive the lowest rates available.  A request to use the lower rates will not be required.  If the application has been submitted with premium using higher rates, the difference will be automatically refunded.

* For policies issued, not placed yet, the carrier will accept a written request to change to the new rates.

* For policies already placed, Lincoln will not allow rewrites to the new rates.




"Applicants now have a secure and interactive way to view lab results via Legal & General's online portal."  Banner has partnered with their lab provider to give applicants a secure and interactive way to view their lab results.  The paramedical examiner will provide the applicant with a brochure with instructions to access their lab results via the online portal. 

Applicants can receive their lab results online within 7 to 14 days and will be available for 1 year.  NOTE: BANNER WILL NO LONGER MAIL THE LAB RESULTS TO THE APPLICANTS.

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